Le Petite Nail Spa


100% Sanitized



Little Diva Mani/Pedi 29
( 12 & younger)
Classic Mani/Pedi 32
Classic Mani w Gel Color 30
Classic Pedi w Gel Color 40
Classic Mani/Pedi w Gel Color 50
Spa Mani/Pedi 40
Spa Pedi & Classic Mani 37
Spa Pedi & Classic Mani w Gel Color 55
Deluxe Mani/Pedi 57
Deluxe Mani w Gel Color 40
Deluxe Mani/Pedi w Gel Color 72

Nail Services


Our classic service includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle conditioning, moisturizing lotion and polish.

Mani 13
Pedi 22
Combo 32


Our spa service includes all of the classic service followed by an exfoliating sugar or sea salt scrub and a revitalizing massage with aromatic oils. 

Mani 17
Pedi 27
Combo 40

 Paraffin Spa

Our paraffin spa service includes the spa service plus a warm relaxing paraffin wax treatment, leaving your skin silky and smooth.

Mani 27
Pedi 40
Combo 62


Beautify, soften and smooth your hands and feet with an invigorating blend of botanical citrus extracts and antioxidants. service also comes with a citrus scrub, a hydrating mask with a blend of shea butter and citrus extracts.

Mani 25
Pedi 37
Combo 57

Deluxe Plus Hot Stones

This is a must have treatment that you will tell your all firends about. You get all the benifits of the deluxe service plus a hot stone massage to rejuvenate your tired and sore muscles.

Mani 35
Pedi 48
Combo 78

Raw Ginger

Immerse your tired hands and feet in a restoration bath of sake and ginger. you can feel your muscle tension melt away. Followed by our own ginger scrub, your hands and feel will bee cocooned in a ginger mask and finished with a warm ginger massage (This service uses ginger root. please let your technician know if you have a ginger alergy.)

Mani 45
Pedi 60
Combo 100

The Signature

The signature service includes the raw ginger treatment along with a  hot stone massage. It will unlock energy and  sooth aching joints and muscles. Then a warm paraffin wrap is applied leaving your hands and feel silky and smooth.

Mani 65
Pedi 80
Combo 140


Add On Services


Pariffan Treatment
Hands 10
Feet 15
Foot Massage 10 minutes 10
Gel Color (Shellac) 20

Nail Extention Services

Full Set Fill-In
Acrylic 28 and up 18 and up
Gel Powder 33 and up 23 and up
Pink & White 42 and up 22 and up
Liquid Gel 45 and up 30 and up

Extra Services

Nail Repair 3 and up
Nail Removal 10
Shellac Removal 7
Gel Top Coat 5
Nail Art 5 and up
French Tip 5  
Polish Change 7 and up
Gel Color Shellac 20

Waxing Services

Eyebrows 8
Upper Lip 5
Chin 7
Side Burns 10
Full Face 25  and up
Under Arms 15  and up
Full Arms 30
Half Arms 20
Bikini Line 30  and up
Brazilian 45  and up
Full Legs 50  and up
Half Legs 30  and up
Fingers 7
Toes 10
Chest 30  and up
Back 50  and up
Eyebrows Tint & Wax 15